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May 31, 2010

How Many Miles are We Going Today? 500 Miles of Freedom!

For those of you who live in Indiana, you know exactly what I’m talking about-- The Indianapolis 500! It’s a weekend full of friends, food and racing. After one too many years of living off of doughnut holes and hot dogs for the entire weekend, I decided to put a little time and effort into this year’s menu. It was still easy (after all, it had to be doable after a few drinks), but this year it actually tasted good and didn’t totally destroy my budget or my waistline! The menu… (insert drum roll here)… fruit kabobs and hobo dinners. The perfect combination of class and tracktastic goodness!

You may find yourself thinking, “Ummm… Hobo dinner? What is a hobo dinner?”. It’s an absolutely delicious and EASY meal made on the grill that consists of veggies and meat. I grew up eating this recipe with my grandparents.

Okay, let's get started!

My shopping list: 4 cucumbers, a watermelon, strawberries (2 lbs.), a pineapple, baby carrots (1 bag), potatoes (about 5 large potatoes), 2 onions, a few ears of corn, smoked sausage (2 lbs.), butter, bottled water, kabob skewers, and aluminum foil

I prepared everything before we left for the track. The only thing I would need once I got to the track was a grill.

First I made the fruit kabobs. It couldn’t be easier to make these classy little treats. I cut the pineapple and watermelon into cubes, cut the tops of the strawberries and halved them (they were HUGE strawberries! No need to half them if they’re small) and roughly peeled and sliced the cucumbers. I then put them on the skewers- cucumber, strawberry, watermelon, pineapple, repeat once. They looked great and were amazingly refreshing in the 90 degree scorching hot sun. (The amount of fruit I bought made about 20 kabobs.)

Then I put everything together to make the hobo dinners. I roughly chopped all of the veggies and cut the smoked sausage into about 2 inch pieces. I threw everything in a cooler and headed to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with my favorite friends.

When I got to the track, I used the aluminum foil to make pouches. I added about ¼ bottle of water, a pad of butter, a handful of the veggies and a few pieces of smoked sausage to each of the pouches. I sprinkled a little salt and pepper into each pouch and threw them on the grill for about 30 minutes (until the veggies become tender). Then, Wa La!, they were ready to eat. The flavor and aroma were so rich! Our hobo dinners totally beat the hamburgers and potato chip that our neighboring grillers were eating.

So easy and so yummy! I really only spent about 20 minutes total preparing everything, and my fellow race goers were more than pleased with the outcome. Twenty minutes well spent in my opinion!

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