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Feb 27, 2011

Ahi Tuna Perfection

One of my favorite meals has always been Ahi Tuna. It can be very pricey to order at a restaurant, so I looked in to the cost of making it at home. Surprisingly, it is much more pocket book friendly, as the ingredients last a long time and fresh tuna fillets can be found at an affordable cost when on special. Frozen Tuna will also work and can be found for a very reasonable cost at your local grocery store.

Ahi Tuna is the perfect meal for a special night in with your honey or when you just need a fast meal for yourself. I love the versatility of this meal, perfect for lunch (over a salad) or for dinner. And the best part is it literally takes minutes to prepare! Because who wants to spend all of their time cooking on date night anyways?

**And guys, this meal would definitely be an impressive and tasty meal to surprise your lady with...and so easy, anyone can pull it off effortlessly!**


4 small to medium Tuna fillets

1/4 cup white sesame seeds

1/4 cup black sesame seeds

1 tsp powdered ginger

1 tsp wasabi powder

1 tsp garlic powder

soy sacue

sesame oil

salt and pepper to taste

Brown rice

Your choice of vegetables


Start cooking the rice first, since it will take the longest. Rinse the tuna fillets off under running water and set on a plate. On a small place mix the black and white sesame seeds, ginger, wasabi (add more if you like it hot), garlic powder and a small amount of salt and pepper.

Pour about two teaspoons of sesame oil into a sauce pan over medium heat. Add 2 tuna fillets and turn heat down to medium low.

Cook for about 2-3 minutes on each side, just searing each side. Add about a teaspoon of soy sauce right before pulling them out of the sauce pan.

Make sure that your plate with the sesame seed mixture is close by.

Dip each side of the seared tuna fillets in to the sesame seed mixture, making sure to completely cover each side.

Return tuna fillets to sauce pan with more sesame oil and soy sauce. Cook for another 2-3 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste. The middle should be pink, but warmed through. Repeat with the other 2 tuna fillets.

Remove fillets from heat and set aside. Place rice, which should be done at this point, int he middle of four plates.

Place tuna fillets on top of the bed of rice. Garnish with whatever vegetable you choose to cook and enjoy!! (You can also make this meal for lunch and serve over mixed greens or salad with an Asian inspired salad dressing, delicious!)

Hope you enjoy!!
XOXO, CutieTwins

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Jourdan said...

Linds & Ally - this looks so good! I keep frozen ahi tuna usually on hand and I have yet to search for a recipe to sear it. I have no idea why because its definitely my favorite thing to order out!!! I can't wait to try this soon!

CutieTwins said...


Thats what I do most the time as well! Just make sure you let it thaw all the way before searing it so that the middle doesn't stay cold! But this is one of the easiest fastest meals to make!


The Haute Hoosier said...

This looks awesome! I must try this soon. Good pics :)