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Apr 4, 2011

Red Wine Steak Marinade

Ingredients: 1 Cup A-1 Steak Sauce 6 tablespoons Worcestershire 1/3rd Cup Red Wine Salt & Pepper to taste Choose any red wine of your choice, to pair with your steak dinner, and use it in your marinade. We chose a McWilliam's Shiraz, which paired very nicely with the entire meal. First, mix together all ingredients in a clean bowl. Do not feel as though you have to follow the recipe exactly, but rather to your taste. Clean, then salt and pepper your steaks. Also, note at this stage, you can use any steak rub or other seasonings you prefer to use. Pour red wine marinade over steaks and let sit for four or more hours. If you are short on time, 30 minutes will do, especially if you set aside some marinade to use as au jus on top of your cooked steaks. (I would suggest doing this either way, very yummy!) Cook steaks to your liking. I prefer medium to medium rare for best flavor. Serve with your preference of sides. I would suggest roasted or mashed potatoes and roasted zucchini and squash seasoned with salt, pepper, and Italian Seasoning. Serve with the remaining red wine, which should compliment and complete the meal! Enjoy!!! xoxo, CutieCooks
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